Plastic toothpicks PIKODENT

Toothpicks PIKODENT

Exclusive Pikodent toothpicks will please...

  • All users who look after their teeth
  • Individuals who often have food residues left between their teeth
  • During representative and commercial meetings with food consumption
  • Drivers and all travellers thanks to the original and practical packaging
  • Guests in restaurants
  • People who wear braces
  • Your dentist and his patients

Advantages of Pikodent toothpicks

Technical description of the toothpick

Straight tip (small sword)

It is shaped like a small sword shape and removes food residues from the front interdental parts of the teeth. The shape and elasticity enables it to enter in the interdental space; the length of the small sword and its body ensures sufficient reach without the necessity to put the fingers in the mouth; the tip does not fray or break apart.

Small surface

Works for comfortable grasping of the toothpick and stops spinning; turning by 90°against the small surface of the sword results in simple direction of the toothpick to the interdental space.

Small hook

Removes residues from the back part of teeth and removes residues from the front part too; the length of the small surface provides the necessary reach to the more distant places without the necessity to put the fingers in the mouth; it enables removing food residues in a cultivated way when the mouth is closed or slightly opened; the shape is patented.

Plastic toothpicks

Distribution and sale

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Plastic toothpicks